Lines of Credit and Home Improvement Loans

When you know that a one time loan may not be enough, a line of credit from LifeStore might be the answer. Working like a loan that's ready whenever you write a check, lines of credit are a great way to address recurring expenses or build in a cushion for when times get tough. We offer personal lines of credit as well as home equity lines of credit (HELOCs).  A HELOC from LifeStore is secured by the investment in your home and often offers favorable rates.

HELOCs are one option that LifeStore provides customers looking to make improvements to their home.  A home improvement loan can be used to to increase energy efficiency, to qualify for energy saving tax credits or to improve the home’s appearance or marketability.   Energy efficient improvements may include electric heat pumps, weather stripping, electric/solar water heaters, insulation, windows, doors and other solar or energy star related items.  In addition to energy efficient improvements, homeowners with enough equity in their home may also borrow money to remodel their kitchen, add a new deck, or make other improvements like new floor coverings.

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Loans subject to credit approval.  Consult a qualified tax professional about any tax credits or deductions.

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