Routing Number and Check Writing Information

LifeStore Bank Routing Number:


Even if you primarily utilize Online or Mobile Banking, you may need LifeStore Bank's routing number to direct deposit tax returns or other funds. Here is a guide on how to easily find your Bank's routing number in the future. 

How to find the Routing Number on your check: 

If you have a check, you can easily find LifeStore Bank's Routing Number. It is the first nine-digit number located in the bottom left corner of your check.

Close-up image of the routing numbers of a sample check.


How to find your checking account number: 

In most cases, your checking account number will be the second set of numbers along the bottom of your check. 

Close up of account number on a check


How to find your check number:

The number of your check will usually appear in two places on the check.  It is normally the last set of numbers along the very bottom of your check, off to the side. It should also appear at the top right corner of your check. 

Check number on the face of a check