What is ID Theft? Identity Theft occurs whenever someone takes some part of your private financial information and uses it to their benefit. Below are some links that tell you more about protecting yourself from becoming a victim of ID Theft, as well as what you can do if you feel you have already been the victim of ID Theft.

A few tips to follow to safe guard your personal information:

  • LifeStore Bank will never send an email requesting personal account information. Never provide financial information to anyone via email as it is not secure. Legitimate companies will not ask for the information via email. 
  • Review all credit card and financial statements regularly for fraudulent activity. 
  • Shred all personal and financial information such as bills, bank statements, ATM receipts and credit card offers before you discard them. 
  • Limit the personal information that you carry in your purse or wallet. 
  • Take receipts at ATM's, bank counter, or unattended gasoline pumps with you. 
  • Prior to discarding a computer, make sure all personal information is deleted from its hard drive.

While LifeStore does not issue either Visa or MasterCard Credit Cards, we do issue Visa Debit Cards and would like to alert our customers to not provide the account number on the front or the three digit security number located on the back of any of their cards to unknown sources. Also, please be advised that employees of LifeStore Bank will not ask for our customers to reveal any information on their LifeStore Visa Debit Card.

Identity Theft Resources:
Federal Trade Commission - ID Theft: What It's All About
Federal Trade Commission - Take Charge: Fighting Back Against ID Theft
Federal Trade Commission - Robo de Identidad

Other Scam Resources:
Federal Trade Commission - The "Nigerian" Scam: Costly Comparison
Federal Trade Commission - How Not to Get Hooked by a "Phishing" Scam
North Carolina Department of Justice - Investment, Work, and Money Making Schemes