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Positive Pay

Add an extra layer of fraud protection to your LifeStore business checking account with Positive Pay.

Positive Pay is a web-based tool that will help you combat check and ACH fraud by allowing you to review transactions before they post to your account. Check Positive Pay allows you to view images of checks presented for payment, and empowers you to make a pay or return decision on each item. ACH Positive Pay helps guard against unauthorized electronic transactions. You define ACH parameters for your account. Transactions that do not meet your parameters will be presented to you for approval.


  • Security – Exception items are presented each morning enabling you to make pay / no pay decisions on potential fraudulent items.
  • Efficiency – This automated process is offered through our online banking platform, so tracking this activity is a seamless part of your daily financial responsibilities.
  • Lower Exposure – The expense related to fraudulent items can be costly. Positive Pay can help you reduce not only the financial risks but also reputational risks that is often associated with fraud.

Partner with us to stop Check Fraud

To sign up for Positive Pay or for more information including terms and conditions that may apply, contact a LifeStore Bank representative.

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