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Card Controls

Your heart just sank, you reached in your wallet for your debit card and it’s missing. Your mind goes blank. Where did I have it last? When did I last use it?

Take Charge of Your Card

LifeStore Bank’s Card Control feature puts you in charge.

There is no charge to this peace of mind for debit card customers.

You will first need to download the mobile banking app

Using your ID and password open your mobile app and view your accounts. Select the option “more” and “Card Controls”

Now Take Charge of Your Card

  • You have the control to turn your card on or off in real-time! 
  • Freeze your card if you think it is lost or stolen
  • Restrict the amount you spend and where you spend it
  • Select the type of merchant and transactions it can be used for
  • Plus receive a mobile alert anytime your card is used 

Download the LifeStore Bank Mobile App
to Get Started Today!


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