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Low Down Payment Options

Don't let a down payment stand in your way ...
We have options!

Low Down Payment Options from LifeStore

USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan:
The loan program offers no down payment financing to individuals in rural areas that are zoned for USDA. It is possible for the closing costs to be included in the loan amount if the value is high enough. USDA charges an upfront funding fee and monthly mortgage insurance.

VA Guaranteed Loan:
A loan for Military Veterans offering no down payment purchase and refinancing. There is a VA Funding Fee based on the Vets discharge and military service and there is no monthly mortgage insurance premium. There is no maximum loan amount and the VA guaranteed amount is limited.

NC Housing Finance Agency Down Payment Assistance:
A no down payment loan program for borrowers. It combines down payment assistance from the NC Housing Finance Agency or LifeStore's own assistance with a conventional loan program. There are income limits and mortgage insurance is required on the base loan.

In-House Loan with Mortgage Insurance:
This in-house loan provides no down payment financing with monthly mortgage insurance to qualified borrowers. Fixed and adjustable rate options are available.


All loans subject to approval.
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