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How to Spot an Online Impostor

Everyday thousands of people fall victim to fraudulent emails, tests, and calls from scammers pretending to be their bank. Unfortunately, in this time of expanded use of online and mobile banking, the problem is only growing worse. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission’s report on fraud estimates that American consumers lost a staggering $8.8 billion to phishing scams and other fraud in 2022—an increase of 44% over 2021.

LifeStore Bank is committed to helping you spot scammers and protecting your account and identity.

We want to keep you informed so you can be armed if presented with one of these messages and help spot a phishing scam—and stop bank impostors. We’ve joined with the American Bankers Association and banks across the country in a nationwide effort to fight phishing—Banks Never Ask That. Be aware of some of the common tactics used and look for red flags, asking yourself-does it sound suspicious?

These four phishing scams are full of red flags:

  • Text Message: If you receive a text message from someone claiming to be your bank asking you to sign in, or offer up your personal information, it’s a scam. Banks Never Ask That.
  • Email: Watch out for emails that ask you to click a suspicious link or provide personal information. The sender may claim to be someone from your bank, but it’s a scam. Banks Never Ask That.
  • Phone Call: Would your bank ever call you to verify your account number? No! Banks Never Ask That. If you’re ever in doubt that the caller is legitimate, just hang up and call the bank directly at a number you trust.
  • Payment Apps: Beware of text messages from someone claiming to be your bank saying your account has been hacked. The scammer may ask you to send money to a new account they’ve created for you, but that’s a scam! Banks Never Ask That.

LifeStore Bank will NOT send text messages asking you to click a link to access your account.  If you believe you have clicked on a link, that may be a phishing scam, please notify LifeStore Bank at golifestore.com, contact LifeStore Bank at 800-723-4718 if you are in question if an email, text message or phone call is legitimate.

For more tips and videos visit BanksNeverAskThat.com.

At LifeStore Bank, the hometown bank, we want you to be safe and informed.

LifeStore Bank, Member FDIC

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