5 Tips to Avoid Overdrafts

Financial mistakes can happen to anyone. As your hometown bank, we want you to be prepared with these 6 Tips to avoid Overdrafts.


  1. Use direct deposit for your paycheck.  You will have access to your paycheck immediately.


  1. Keep track of your balance and transactions and don’t forget about automatic payments.  Today, it is easier than ever to check balances and transactions online, by phone, or at the ATM, 24 hours a day. 


  1. Keep a “pad” or cushion of money in an Emergency Fund just to be safe. This could be linked to a savings account.  


  1. Link your checking account to an overdraft line of credit.  These are usually less expensive alternatives but remember that for overdraft lines of credit and credit cards, you must pay it back.


  1. Sign up for automatic notification when your balance drops below a certain level.  You may be able to get notified by text message or email.


LifeStore Bank offers OOPS® and other Overdraft Protection options to qualified checking account holders. Find out more about these options by visiting https://www.golifestore.com/personal/checking/oops-overdraft-protection-services


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